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Toyota Unveils Multifamily Tenement Sedan For People Living Out Of Their Cars

PLANO, TX—Touting the benefits of the vehicle for the contemporary American lifestyle, Toyota unveiled a multifamily tenement sedan Friday for people living out of their cars. “With 150 horsepower, a state-of-the-art navigational system, and retractable particle-board walls, the Toyota Tenement is perfect for the modern American family that lives in their vehicle,” said Toyota spokesperson Rhonda Aiello, describing the vehicle as the ideal car for getting family members to school, job interviews, and the unemployment office before a few quick changes turned it into a rickety block of rooms for the night. “Times change, and so does what Toyota offers. The family-friendly Toyota Tenement can fit up to four generations under one roof and comes with standard features like a hot plate that kind of works, a single cup holder, and Bluetooth connectivity. The vehicle also features a roomy backseat that can fold down to sleep up to six and a driver’s seat that doubles as a cot for two. We’ve worked with our in-house engineering team to ensure that we can sleep as many people as possible in a regular four-door sedan, and we think that Toyota customers will be very pleased with the results.” At press time, Toyota had been forced to issue a recall on the multifamily sedan after a fire broke out and killed everyone inside.



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