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Uber App Now Allowing Passengers To Rate Driver’s Ethnicity

SAN FRANCISCO—Touting new functionalities that it said would lead to vast improvements in the customer experience, Uber Technologies announced Wednesday that its ride-sharing app would now allow users to rate the ethnicity of their driver. “Once you complete your trip, the app will prompt you to give a star rating, or simply a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, in response to your driver’s ethnicity,” said Uber spokesperson Stacy Rutger, adding that the new feature also included a comment section so passengers could detail their experience with the ethnicity, whether during this specific ride or in the form of generalized thoughts and beliefs about the part of the world the ethnicity comes from. “Riders can leave feedback about what they perceive to be the cleanliness of the ethnicity, as well as how they feel one ethnicity compares to others they have encountered through Uber. They can even rate how comfortable they were with the English dialect favored by the ethnicity. But of course, drivers will be able to evaluate the ethnicity of their passengers, too, so make sure to keep your ethnic rating as high as you can!” Uber also noted it would be adding an emergency function for passengers who were made to feel uneasy by their driver’s ethnicity.



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