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Study Finds Fewer Millennials Choosing To Become Good Parents

WASHINGTON—In an analysis of data collected from more than 60,000 U.S. households, a new study released by the Pew Research Center on Monday found that fewer millennials were choosing to become good parents. “With an increased focus on their careers, pets, social lives, and travel, many millennials simply don’t find being a good parent as fulfilling as previous generations,” said study co-author Leta Robertson, who noted that millennials were far less willing than their parents to settle down and attempt to foster love or connection of any kind with their children. “This generation is less interested in spending their evenings at home reading to their child or enjoying a family meal at the dinner table when they could be taking a spontaneous weekend trip with friends while their child stays home alone. There are just so many more options available today, like being bad parents. Additionally, 76% of millennials described raising healthy, well-adjusted children as ‘pointless’ since they were all likely to die in the climate apocalypse anyway.” At press time, Robertson added that, similar to a trend first observed in Generation X, there was still time for millennials to become good parents after their children had finished growing up.



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