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Wirecutter Unveils Recommendations For Best Electric Chairs

NEW YORK—In order to help consumers make more informed choices with their money, New York Times product review site Wirecutter unveiled its recommendations Tuesday for the best electric chairs. “As technology has progressed over the past decade, we’ve gotten to the point where there are so many electric chairs on the market that it can be hard to decide how to get the most bang for your buck in an execution,” wrote Wirecutter writer Taylor Orleans, adding that site’s staff arrived at their choices after speaking with dozens of prison executioners and testing every option themselves. “Our top choice, the Auburn Chair, combines a high-quality wood frame with good lumbar support and 2,200 volts of electricity, and although it costs a pretty penny, we believe there’s no better way to electrocute someone to death on the market. That’s based on unanimous glowing reviews from several of our product testers in the instant before it stopped their hearts. If the cost alarms you, there’s also Herman Miller Fryer, our runner-up, which is of course the most classically iconic electric chair on the market. It offers all the speed and lethality of an injection cocktail as well as comfortable leather straps and timeless modernist touches. While you can’t go wrong with the top options, for those on a tight budget, there’s the Alcatraz 2.0, which is super stylish but unfortunately is unlikely to kill you.” Wirecutter staff also offered a disclaimer that if any prisons did purchase an electric chair through their site, they would earn a commission fee.



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