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Study Finds Humans First Crossed To New World Using Land Bridge Of Previously Drowned Humans

ITHACA, NY—In a groundbreaking new finding that sheds light on the migration patterns of ancient Homo sapiens, a Cornell University study published Friday revealed that humans first crossed to the New World using a land bridge created from previously drowned humans. “Our research suggests the land bridge used to travel to the Americas was actually made from the bloated corpses of other humans who had tried and failed to make the exact same voyage,” said Professor Derek Hammond, who added that fossil evidence of nearly 350,000 human skeletons found in and around the Bering Strait suggested that the land bridge of drowned humans had once spanned over 800 miles between modern-day Russia and Alaska. “What’s interesting is that even as they jumped from one swollen, waterlogged body to the next, humans seemed to feel complete confidence that they would make it across to the New World. Indeed, many of them were so brazen that they walked directly into the sea, where they floundered and suffered the same fate as so many before them.” The study also confirmed that major exploration of the Americas did not start, however, until humans created the technology to bind human corpses together into a raft and set sail for the New World.



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