Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Shocking Video Captures Calm Police Officers Handling Situation Nonviolently

TUSCALOOSA, AL—Depicting an incredibly unusual and surprising scene involving law enforcement, a shocking viral video shared Wednesday captured calm police officers handling a situation nonviolently. “This deeply troubling video recorded by a bystander clearly shows officers calmly giving a Black driver a warning, and then walking away without brutalizing him at all or even threatening violence,” said [ACLU representative] Christine Taylor, explaining that many residents reported being stunned that something like this could happen in their community. “The officers never even reached for their guns once, it’s incredibly appalling and disturbing that this could occur in 21st century America. The video clearly shows the officers handling the situation with a level of thoughtfulness and calm that is nothing short of warranted. They had their body cam footage on the whole time, and when spotting the camera, nonchalantly allowed the bystander to continue filming—I’ve never seen anything like this before.” At press time, the officers in question had been fired, and the department released a formal statement condemning the officers’ actions.



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