Friday, September 29, 2023
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U.S. Approves Billions To Fund Struggling Russian Military

WASHINGTON—In an effort to provide much-needed aid for the demoralized troops, the United States government approved billions in assistance Friday to help fund the struggling Russian Armed Forces. “This emergency infusion of cash and weapons is imperative for the survival of Russia’s military, which is at risk of being entirely completely decimated by Ukraine,” said President Joe Biden, arguing that the United States had a moral obligation to support the Russians, who after months of skirmishes and military occupation were on the verge of crisis. “These soldiers are wasting away out there without any support, and America will not stand idly by. It’s easy to think of this as someone else’s problem, but these are real people, ordinary men and women desperately trying to stand up for their country. We won’t turn our backs.” At press time, the U.S. response had reportedly inspired many Americans on social media to update their profile pictures with Russian flags.



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