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Leaked Audio Reveals Uvalde Cop Asked Pizza Delivery Guy To Check On Kids While Dropping Off Few Pies

UVALDE, TX—As controversy continues to surround the law enforcement response to the shooting at Robb Elementary School that left 19 students and two teachers dead, newly leaked audio revealed Thursday that Uvalde police asked the pizza delivery guy to check on students while dropping off a few pies. “There’s a big tip in it for your delivery guy if he’ll just mosey on in there and walk around for a few minutes to see what’s going on,” a police officer is heard to say on a recording of the call, which was reportedly placed to a local Domino’s shortly after noon and features multiple interruptions from fellow cops shouting at the officer to remember to order breadsticks. “There’s no security in there or anything, so he should be able to get in no problem. He could even pretend he’s delivering pizza and just get a read on the situation, although he should obviously bring the pizza back to us. We’re not letting those kids get their grubby little hands on our buffalo chicken pie. He doesn’t have to do a full search of the place—if he can just figure out generally where the shooter is and how many kids are dead, that would be great. And if he doesn’t mind, we’ll throw him a few bucks so he can grab us some cokes from the cafeteria vending machine. But please hurry, we’re very hungry.” Sources confirmed the newly leaked material also included audio of the police chief arguing with U.S. Marshals over the last slice of pepperoni, as well as cell-phone video of one cop rushing into the school to use the bathroom.



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