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Study Exposes Risks Of Wandering Through The Burkmoore Swamp On A Moonless Night

NEW ORLEANS—Bringing to light the many dangers lurking in the dark wetlands, a new study published Friday by researchers at Tulane University exposed the risks of wandering through the Burkmoore swamp on a moonless night. “According to our research, those who find themselves walking through the sumps of Burkmoore on a pitch-black evening are in danger of encountering the mysteries and monsters that await,” said lead researcher Professor Sara Bachman, adding that many doomed souls have reported hearing ghostly voices calling through the darkness, pleading the swamp visitor to walk further into its marshy depths. “Researchers also discovered that a wanderer can find the landscape shifting to hide the way from which they came on such a night as this. About half of those study participants reported becoming entangled in the semi-aquatic plants of Burkmoore swamp, their dingy tendrils wrapping themselves around the walkers’ ankles.” Bachman added that more evidence would hopefully be collected after the search party found the research team that had gone missing in the quag.



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