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Right-Wingers Criticize Kanye For Not Using Platform To Raise Awareness Of Lesser-Known Nazis

WASHINGTON—Saying the musician’s behavior in the past weeks had been a deep disappointment, far-right commentators criticized Kanye West on Friday for not using his platform to raise awareness of the many lesser-known Nazis. “Ye had a clear educational opportunity to shed light on forgotten figures from the National Socialist Party’s history—brilliant racists like Rudolf Jung and Hermann Göring—and yet he chose the single Nazi we all know best,” said right-wing podcaster Andrew Hampton, one of many conservative writers who expressed frustration, stating that West had misused his Infowars appearances to restate their already well-established admiration for the Führer. “Look, I get it. We all love Hitler. But what about all the budding antisemites who could be inspired in the mission to exterminate Jews, Blacks, and the disabled? Why not talk about Leni Riefenstahl or Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, so some little girl can grow up in their proud Jew-hating footsteps? There’s such a robust well of hatred in the Nazi Party. It’s a shame to focus on just one super obvious guy.” Hampton added that for that matter, Kanye might also remind his fans about America’s many homegrown Nazis, like Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, and David Duke.



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