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Over-50 Dating App Filters Matches Solely By Whether They’d Stay If You Got Parkinson’s

FORT MYERS, FL—Catering to a niche community of singles looking for love, a new dating app for the over-50 crowd launched Monday that lets users filter matches solely on whether they’d stay if you got Parkinson’s disease. “ParkinsMatch makes it easier for aging singles to find ‘the one’ who won’t abandon them if they are diagnosed with a long-term degenerative disorder,” said ParkinsMatch CEO Daniel Carfizzi, adding that users fill out a simple, one-question profile asking if they would endure the heartbreaking, emotionally trying process of watching their loved one’s central nervous system slowly deteriorate until they die. “ParkinsMatch singles will either swipe ‘yes’ if they’re willing to commit to that or ‘no’ if they’re not looking for anything more serious than someone they’d support through a minor cancer scare. Once you match with someone who would stay with you while you battle a severely debilitating illness with no cure, users can then chat about their family history of any other life-threatening diseases.” Carfizzi continued that more features would soon be added to let users share other preferences like funeral arrangements.



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