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Man Who Could Have Been Holding Gun In Diverging Timeline Shot Dead By Police

MOORHEAD, MN—Emphasizing that the officers feared for their safety and had no choice but to open fire, police told reporters Wednesday that a man who was shot dead could have been holding a gun in a diverging timeline. “Today, at approximately 5:30 p.m., officers fired several shots at an unarmed civilian who, due to the randomness of time and space, potentially existed in a parallel universe where he was brandishing a gun,” said Police Chief Garret Anthony, adding that while the victim had no criminal history or record of any kind, there was a nonzero chance that, in other timelines, he had a violent past filled with previous arrests for drugs, robberies, and murder. “While in this reality the victim was holding a cell phone, on the other end of a wormhole, he was sprinting at law enforcement, refusing to follow orders, and clutching a semiautomatic weapon. Somewhere, in another world, if things had gone differently, that man could have gone on a violent rampage and killed the officers. They couldn’t afford to take the chance.” At press time, police had warned that the man they had shot was still alive, dangerous, and at large in alternate universes and put out a $100,000 reward for his arrest.



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