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Andrew Tate Defense Team Assembled From Dozens Of Lawyers Trafficked From Eastern Europe

BUCHAREST—Facing multiple charges of human trafficking and rape in a Romanian court, internet influencer Andrew Tate published a video Monday informing his followers that he had assembled a defense team of dozens of lawyers trafficked from eastern Europe. “I coerced a bunch of young lawyers to come to Romania and be on my defense team by promising them that they’re going to win my case and get rich,” said Tate in a three-minute video posted to his Rumble page, explaining that he transported the attorneys from Bulgaria, Belarus, and Moldova to Romania in shipping crates to avoid the authorities and was housing them in a warehouse barracks where they were required to spend 18 hours a day building his legal case. “These lawyers are pliable and hungry, and that’s the exact kind of lawyer you want to smuggle into your country to be on your legal team. It was easy to get them here—all I had to do was tell them that with me they’ll have enough money and success to open up their own practice someday, and now they’ll do whatever I want. Of course I had to confiscate their passports and cell phones, as well as take control of their bank accounts as a precaution, but they’re so grateful for the opportunity to represent me in court that they don’t even care that they can’t talk to their families anymore. So what if some of them are underage?” At press time, Tate’s Hustlers University 2.0 had released a course instructing young men on how to build a side hustle of getting arrested and trafficking lawyers.



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