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LAPD Arrests Dozens Of Homeless Residents Found Squatting In Shelter

LOS ANGELES—Maintaining that the suspects were clearly trespassing on city property, the Los Angeles Police Department arrested dozens of homeless residents found squatting in a shelter Thursday. “Today, the LAPD received multiple tips indicating that unhoused individuals were endangering the community by illegally squatting within a homeless shelter,“ said police Chief Michel Moore, adding that concerned neighbors had complained about people sleeping, eating, and even bathing in the shelter, often for days at a time. “On multiple occasions prior to their arrest, shelter occupants were asked to show their permits, and every single one of them came up empty-handed. Thank goodness we intervened, because many of them were caught stealing soup, clothes, and shoes provided by a volunteer-run charity.” At press time, all individuals in question had been charged with trespassing, and police were spotted lining the homeless shelter with iron bars, large rocks, and steel spikes.



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