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Los Angeles Warns Residents Not To Touch Poisoned Food Left Out To Deal With Homeless Infestation

LOS ANGELES—Stressing that the traps were not intended for human consumption, Los Angeles officials warned residents Wednesday to not touch poisoned food left out to deal with the city’s homeless infestation. “For their own sake, we’re asking residents to avoid the poisoned bait left near dumpsters, encampments, and parks to address the growing homeless problem,” said L.A. Mayor Karen Bass, adding that it was also dangerous for elderly residents or children to be left unmonitored close to food tainted with hazardous chemicals in case they consumed the poison instead of the intended homeless pests. “We have to do this now because they’re breeding really fast. You can already see all the little homeless out there on the streets.” Bass added that if the poisoned food failed, she would ask Los Angeles residents to evacuate the city for at least 72 hours while officials fumigated it.



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