Friday, September 29, 2023
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Investors Worried AI Could Leave Shred Of Humanity Intact

SAN FRANCISCO—In a roundtable discussion about the technology’s promise and possible pitfalls, Silicon Valley investors noted Thursday that they remained concerned that AI could leave a shred of humanity intact. “Even as we observe the vast strides artificial intelligence has made in undermining simple pleasures and our capacity to form close-knit bonds, we do harbor reservations that some small spark of human joy might escape its influence,” said venture capitalist Chris Summers, adding that prudent investors should be cautious about AI startup claims that their machine learning tech and large language models could strangle out every last vestige of hope or fulfillment left in our species. “It’s undeniably impressive to see what OpenAI and Stable Diffusion have done to hollow out the fundamentally human act of artistic creation, but we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. Because the fact of the matter is that if some of these claims about AI are premature, there might be a lot of hope left in the world. We need AI to reach its full potential if we’re ever going to achieve our dream of a dreary and soulless world.” Investors told reporters that despite their minor hesitations, they had very few worries about AI’s enormous potential to profit off human misery.



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