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Jimmy Carter Enrolls In 2-Year Program To Become Dental Hygienist

PLAINS, GA—Calling the move a solid investment in his future, former President Jimmy Carter, 98, announced Thursday that he had enrolled in a two-year program at an Atlanta technical college that would allow him to become a dental hygienist. “I’ve always been passionate about dental hygiene, and I’m very excited to start down this new career path,” said Carter, who explained that while he had filled out a FAFSA form and been denied federal aid, the certification he received from the accredited program would raise his long-term earning potential and allow him to pay back the student loans he planned to take out. “It’s too far to commute, but I think living on campus will really allow me to dive headfirst into this next phase of my life and fully commit to it. Then, once I graduate, I’ll be able to practice dental hygiene anywhere! If it gets to be too much, I can always cut back my course load and do half-time enrollment, which would still land me in a good job by the time I’m 102. And who knows, if I end up liking it enough, I may apply to dental school.” Carter went on to add that, while the program doesn’t begin until the fall, he’d already excitedly purchased a few pairs of novelty scrubs.



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