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New Uber Feature Allows Riders To Pretend To Fall Asleep So Driver Will Carry Them Inside

SAN FRANCISCO—In a highly anticipated rollout of what has long been the feature most requested by the platform’s users, ridesharing company Uber released an update Thursday that allows riders to pretend to fall asleep so their driver will pick them up and bring them inside. “We’re thrilled to offer our loyal customers an enhanced user experience that will allow them, by keeping their eyes shut tight, to trick their driver into carrying them to bed, removing their shoes, and tucking them in for the night,” said Uber spokesperson Mary Anne Hendricks, demonstrating how to navigate to one’s account preferences and toggle from the standard default setting to the new “Sleepy Lil’ Guy” mode. “When you select this feature, our drivers will play along, pretending they didn’t see you open one eye to peek as they lugged you out of the car, up your walkway, and straight to dreamland. By consenting to our terms of service, riders agree to keep their eyes shut tight and remain a pile of dead weight, not cracking a smile even when drivers administer the tickle test. Once tucked in snug as a bug, you’ll have the option of rating your driver on how well they fluff your pillow and—in the event you have trouble drifting off to sleep—on the quality of their bedtime story.” At press time, millions of sleepy Uber passengers had reportedly complained that their drivers had left their bedrooms before they fell asleep for real.



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