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King Charles Coronation Serves As First Gig For Harry’s Garage Band With Other Neighborhood Dads

LONDON—Saying the performance would add a dash of rock and roll to the regal procession, royal sources announced Saturday that King Charles’ coronation would also serve as the first gig for the garage band Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, had formed with several other neighborhood dads. “Before Prince William pays personal homage to the newly crowned monarch, we’re going to be treated to a quick set from Prince Harry and the Mystics, who I’m told will play some rocking covers and a few psychedelic originals of their own devising,” Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby told the gathered crowd of thousands as the ’60s-influenced group, which consists of new fathers Prince Harry met around his Montecito, CA neighborhood, started setting up their effect pedals and plugging in their Stratocasters. “I’ve heard they’ve improved quite wonderfully since they began jamming together in Harry’s garage six months ago over their shared love of Cream and the Rolling Stones. They don’t have a drummer yet, and the prince is still mastering the pentatonic scale, but that’s all the more reason to put your hands together. Go ahead and give the boys a warm welcome!” At press time, sources confirmed that an ecstatic Prince Harry had received an email booking the band for a Santa Barbara block party due to the gig’s success.



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