Friday, September 29, 2023
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Aveeno Unveils Moisture-Locking Facial Breading Treatment

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Touting the product as the best solution for those suffering from chronic dry skin, Aveeno reportedly unveiled on Friday a new moisture-locking facial breading treatment. “The Aveeno Breading Spa kit keeps your skin healthy and hydrated all day long using a proprietary blend of all-purpose flour, egg, and fresh breadcrumbs,” said Aveeno spokesperson Taylor Morales, adding that the breading also provided full coverage that masked any imperfections on the skin. “Get that professional facial cleanse you crave by bringing the deep fryer right to you. It’s a three-step process: First, you dunk your head in our egg-infused Aveeno Adhesive Batter. Next, you rub your face in our proprietary blend of Aveeno Rejuvenating Flour, which uses real sea salt flakes and fresh-ground black pepper. And finally, our Aveeno Deep Fryer seals in the moisture and gives your skin a beautiful golden-brown tone. The kit is available in basil, rosemary, and tarragon to ensure your face is always looking, smelling, and tasting its best.” At press time, Aveeno had issued a recall of its moisture-locking facial breading treatment after it caused several customers to break out in facial salmonella.



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