Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Experts Warn AI Could One Day Be Smart Enough To Eat Soup

WASHINGTON—Noting that neural networks have been trained on trillions of images of liquids and spoons, experts testified before Congress Tuesday to warn that AI could one day be smart enough to eat soup. “With the technology’s exponentially growing capabilities, it appears likely that our machine learning algorithms will soon be sophisticated enough to slurp soup,” said OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, cautioning that while it would likely start with a thin consommé, the soups that AI would be able to consume would only get chunkier with time. “The state of soup consumption is fast reaching a disruptive tipping point. At any moment, the AI’s ability to enjoy a hearty bowl of clam chowder could suddenly far outstrip human capacity. And once it figures out how to blow on the soup so that it’s not too hot to eat, that’s game over.” At press time, Altman pressed Congress for a new set of soup-based guidelines to address the rapid advance of artificial intelligence.



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