Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Spirit Airlines Begins Offering $45 Directions To Nearest Greyhound Bus Station

MIRAMAR, FL—Adding another option to its budget-friendly travel offerings, Spirit Airlines began providing a new service this week that allows passengers to purchase directions to the nearest bus station for $45. “In keeping with the ultra-low costs our customers have come to expect, Spirit now makes it affordable to find your way to a Greyhound terminal that may or may not have a bus route that takes you where you’re trying to go,” said the airline’s CEO, Ted Christie, who added that the new option would prove a great convenience to Spirit ticket holders hoping to make it from Miami to Houston in less than 72 hours. “The $45 base price includes a Spirit employee’s haphazard gesture in the general direction of a bus depot, while a map, steps written down in the correct order, and communication in a language the customer speaks will each be available for an additional fee.” As part of a similar program, Spirit passengers who have been stuck on a plane for eight hours, are forced to land in Evansville, IN instead of St. Louis, and want to know where they’re supposed to eat at one in morning can now pay $30 for a shrug from the airline’s desk attendant.



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