Friday, September 29, 2023
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New York City Wildfire Smoke Making Eric Adams Glad He Lives In Nevada

LAS VEGAS—As smoke poured across the Eastern Seaboard, spreading dangerous pollutants into the metropolis, Mayor Eric Adams told reporters Thursday that photographs of a haze-covered New York City were making him glad he lived in Nevada. “Wow, happy I’m not in that hellhole—seems like another beautiful day in Sin City, though!” Adams said shortly after waking up in his Spanish-style villa in Green Valley Ranch and scrolling through several dozen pictures from constituents that showed Manhattan and Brooklyn covered in an eerie orange smog. “It looks like Blade Runner out there with all that smoke. Sucks for them, really. Honestly, my heart goes out. But I’m taking my pontoon out on Lake Meade in a few hours, and then I get to grab some Nobu and see Adele at Caesars Palace tonight. Heaven on earth, baby.” Adams added that given the low taxes, world-class entertainment, and beautiful weather, it was really a wonder anyone chose to live in a city as overpriced as New York.



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