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Trump Denies Storing Documents In Bathroom: ‘Just Because A Room Has A Toilet Doesn’t Make It A Bathroom’

PALM BEACH, FL—Insisting that it was just another example of the mainstream media lying directly to Americans, former President Donald Trump denied storing documents in his bathroom at Mar-a-Lago Tuesday, stressing that just because a room has a toilet, that doesn’t make it a bathroom. “On the BIASED, DECREPIT CNN, the lying hosts keep saying I’m storing documents in a bathroom—LIES!—they just saw a toilet and assumed it’s a bathroom!” wrote the former president in a Truth Social post, explaining to his followers that he had been in “many, many bathrooms” that didn’t have a toilet at all. “There are PLENTY OF USES for a toilet that the DEEP STATE and BIASED MEDIA won’t let you know about. I’ve also gone to the bathroom in MANY ROOMS that don’t have toilets at all. I’ve even seen toilets outside. Does that make all of outside a bathroom? The AMERICAN PEEPLE [sic] need to demand ANSWERS.” At press time, The Daily Wire had released a probing documentary on the subject titled What Is A Toilet?



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