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Angel Investors Flock To New AI Technology That Removes Jeffrey Epstein From Old Photos

PALO ALTO, CA—Saying the innovation merits development because it “has the power to change lives,” angel investors have begun flocking to a new AI technology that removes the late sex offender and financier Jeffrey Epstein from old photos, sources told reporters Thursday. “All over the country, we’re seeing high-net-worth individuals rush to put their money behind an AI model that promises to identify and seamlessly remove Epstein from any picture where he’s posing with old friends and associates,” said industry analyst Bryan Hofstetter, noting that the startup behind the new tech is being backed by sophisticated investors affiliated with the nation’s top banks, as well as numerous billionaires, CEOs, celebrities, scientists, and academics, many of whom wish to remain anonymous. “The AI may be limited in its applications—using its advanced neural networks for the sole purpose of altering photographs of a deceased sex trafficker—but that hasn’t stopped hundreds of notable people from begging to write checks and put the project in motion. Some high-profile investors have even offered to pay any price if they can receive access to the beta version as soon as possible.” Hofstetter added that investors were hoping the AI technology might one day be adapted for use in removing specific names from past flight logs to Epstein’s private island.



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