Friday, September 29, 2023
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Mushroom Cloud Hopefully Nothing Major

TAOS, NM—Watching the odd phenomenon form on the horizon, local man Charles Roche told reporters Tuesday that hopefully the mushroom cloud was nothing major. “Looks a bit ominous I suppose, but it probably doesn’t pose any kind of big threat,” said Roche, adding that there was a good chance that the quickly expanding mass of smoke, debris, and condensed water vapor was just a normal storm cloud. “I know that sometimes a large, billowing cloud that looks like that indicates something negative, but that’s pretty rare, I think. Even if it is something to worry about, it’s probably far enough away that I can carry on with my business as normal.” At press time, Roche told reporters that, luckily, it looked like the cloud was already headed in the opposite direction as the explosive blast of energy melted his face off.



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