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Navy Reveals They Knew About Titan Submersible Explosion Right After They Blew It Up

WASHINGTON—In an effort to provide additional clarity about the fate of the watercraft that sparked nationwide media coverage, officials from the U.S. Navy revealed Monday that they knew about the Titan submersible explosion right after they blew it up. “Last Sunday, remote sensors operated by the Navy detected the sound of an explosion consistent with one of our torpedos blowing the craft to kingdom come,” said Admiral Mike Gilday, the leadership chief of naval operations, explaining that the submersible had already been shattered into thousands of pieces by the time Navy officers said “Oops.” “In all honesty, we were trying to hit a dolphin. We recognized immediately that the sonic anomaly we detected wasn’t at all consistent with the violent fulmination of a dolphin, and realized what had occurred. The submersible explosion was unfortunately part of a routine marine hunting mission gone awry, and although it was obvious to us that we scored a bullseye on that submersible on Sunday using guided projectiles that could have destroyed the craft several times over, we wanted to let the rescue investigation proceed just in case they found any really gnarly wreckage from the explosion. To date, that sadly has not happened.” Navy officials added that following their detection of the submersible’s explosion, they immediately dispatched several teams of trained deep-sea divers to harpoon the survivors.



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