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Police Warn Of New Scam Of Vulnerable People Being In Need

NEW YORK—Urging the public to stay guarded, the New York City Police Department warned residents Tuesday about a new scam in which vulnerable people were in need. “We’ve seen some cases where scammers will go so far as to lose all their savings and live a life destitute on the streets, just to tug at your heartstrings and compel you to help,” said NYPD spokesperson Allison Ramirez, who cautioned city residents and tourists to use the utmost caution when observing people less fortunate than themselves, lest they fall prey to their own consciences. “You have to be very, very careful, because most times, they won’t even confront you. They won’t speak to you or even look at you, but you’ll see them and notice their suffering. The next thing you know, they have their money, and bam, it’s too late—they’re using it to improve their lot in life. Some of these con artists have been able to scam victims out of as much as ones of dollars.” Ramirez went on to state that anyone who encountered a vulnerable person should contact police immediately.



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