Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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French Again Protest In Way Americans Are Welcome To At Any Time

NANTERRE, FRANCE—In an ongoing struggle against ruling-class oppression, the people of France again protested in a way that Americans are welcome to at any time, sources confirmed Thursday. According to reports, French citizens across the country were spotted hitting the streets en masse as a unified front against the institutional bondage that seeks to subjugate them while never failing to apply forceful pressure every time injustice strikes, which Americans can and should feel free to do whenever they so choose. Several reports indicated that while Americans preferred inconsistent and corporatized state-sanctioned forms of demonstrations in which attendees are allowed to “participate” by taking selfies with the very lawmakers who shackle them to their suffering, they were at any point completely allowed to follow in the French tradition and create organic public expressions of self-determination in the face of persecution. At press time, over 10,000 Americans had liked a Pride month tweet from Burger King promoting their chicken sandwich.



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