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Horse Remains Recovered From Titan Sub Wreckage

ST. JOHN’S, CANADA—After collecting debris from the ocean floor and examining it at a nearby pier, the U.S. Coast Guard reported Thursday it had found horse remains within the wreckage of the Titan submersible. “In our excavation of this catastrophic implosion, we have recovered both human and equine tissues, including the crushed carcass of a thoroughbred stallion that appears to have traveled aboard the Titan vessel,” said Coast Guard Capt. Stan Partridge, whose remarks led to feverish online speculation about whether a 1,200-pound horse could have contributed to what went wrong with the sub during its doomed descent. “It wasn’t just a single horse either, but several, perhaps an entire herd. It’s unclear whether the horses were passengers, some kind of entertainment, or a team of draft horses used to pull the submersible during its 2.5-mile journey to the bottom of the sea.” At press time, sources reported that the remains could simply be horsehide that was used in the construction of the Titan as a cheaper alternative to titanium.



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