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Deshaun Watson: ‘I’ve Learned From My Mistake Of Using My Own Name At Massage Parlors’

CLEVELAND—In response to concerns about whether his off-field behavior would risk further derailing his career, Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson told reporters Monday, “I’ve learned from my mistake of using my own name at massage parlors.” “To the Browns community, my coaches, and teammates, I take full responsibility for not using a pseudonym,” said Watson, who explained that in the future he would never need to settle another lawsuit with a massage therapist accusing him of sexual misconduct, because they wouldn’t be able to track him down. “I understand now that I never should have done something like show up and say, ‘My name is Deshaun Watson, and I’m here for an appointment.’ The Browns organization and the NFL expect me to be better than that and come up with an alias. Going forward, you will never see the name Deshaun Watson on a massage parlor’s list of clients, because I’m going to use a name like Darrell Whitcomb or Derek Worth.” At press time, Cleveland police were reportedly investigating a massage parlor’s sexual harassment complaint against a customer named Weshaun Datson.



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