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Latest Indictment Reveals That Trump Strapped A Bomb To Barron And No One Cared

WASHINGTON—In a bombshell 45-page indictment that shed new light on Donald Trump’s plot to overturn the 2020 election, prosecutors revealed Tuesday that the former president strapped a bomb to Barron Trump and no one cared. “On Jan. 6, 2020, Donald J. Trump refused to abdicate power and then, in a series of statements that everyone just seemed to ignore, threatened to blow up his teenage son,” said Justice Department spokesperson Tanya Whittling, adding that Trump had duct-taped Barron into a C4 vest, showed him to several co-conspirators, and yelled, “I’ll do it, I’ll blow him up,” only to receive zero reaction from anyone. “After interviewing dozens of witnesses under oath, it became abundantly clear that no one, not even Barron, was concerned that Trump had tied up his son in the West Wing, covered him in military-grade explosives, and begun wildly waving a detonator around. At one point, he even initiated a countdown, but people just shrugged and walked away. Frankly, it was business as usual.” The indictment also revealed that Trump had actually left the explosive-covered Barron in the Oval Office for several weeks into Joe Biden’s presidency and no one seemed to bat an eye.



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