Friday, September 29, 2023
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Doctors Successfully Transplant Entire Living Pig Into Patient

NEW YORK—In what is being hailed as a major medical breakthrough, doctors at NYU Langone Health announced Thursday that they had successfully transplanted an entire living pig into a patient. “After an eight-hour operation, we were able to place the 10-pound animal into the human abdomen for the first time with no complications,” said Dr. Vincent Salazer, explaining that previous attempts had failed due to the body rejecting the transplanted pig when the animal started to wriggle around in a panic to free itself. “This experiment marks the longest time a pig has been able to function in a human being while only feeding off of a few of the body’s organs. We expect the patient to make a full recovery and live a normal life, aside from the audible oinking.” Salazer added that the experiment could potentially lead to further medical advancements that would finally make it possible for humans to receive much-needed horse and bear transplants.



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