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England’s World Cup Success Inspires New Generation Of Young Girls To Become Hooligans

LONDON—Interviews with fans of the team ahead of their finals match against Spain reportedly found that England’s Women’s World Cup success was inspiring a new generation of young girls to become hooligans. “Watching those ladies kick ass on the pitch really motivated me to go knock out someone’s teeth,” said Sophie Doyle, 9, who added that she and her friends planned to spend the hours before Sunday’s final match downing numerous pints of ale while roaming the streets with bricks and glass bottles looking to attack the first fans of Spain that they see. “We were so excited after the last match that I threw a chair through a window of a pub, and then me and my friend Florence went with a bunch of girls to the local field to tear down banners and try to light them on fire. It’s just really amazing to yell at the bar television with my friends and curse at passersby, and I wouldn’t have felt confident enough to do that without the women’s team doing as well as it has. They’re really helping young girls like me to express our pent-up rage and violence just as much as any male hooligan can.” Doyle also told reporters that when she grows up, she hopes to be the first female hooligan to scream a slur at a player of every ethnicity.



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