Friday, September 29, 2023
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MLS Parents Complain Leo Messi Too Advanced For Sons’ League

NASHVILLE—Sources confirmed Friday that MLS commissioner Don Garber has been flooded with dozens of calls over the past few weeks from Major League Soccer parents complaining that Leo Messi is too advanced for their sons’ league. “It’s just not fair—ever since Leo joined that Miami team they’ve been unstoppable, and he’s so much better than our kids that they’re starting to feel really bad about themselves,” said Kim McGlynn, the mother of Philadelphia Union midfielder Jack McGlynn, adding that after the Union lost to Inter Miami in the Leagues Cup semi-final, her son cried himself to sleep and said he never wanted to play soccer again. “I’ve talked to plenty of parents from all the other teams and it’s the same thing, their sons are terrified to play against this Leo person because they know he’ll just score goals and dribble around them. One mom from Orlando City said that half the team didn’t even want to come out of the locker room before the game. It’s nothing against Leo, he seems like a great guy, but it’s an issue of fairness. He should really be playing against people who are at his own skill level and stop making our poor sons feel so inferior.” Reports also confirmed that several irate parents were discussing plans to pull their sons out of the MLS and put them in local Lil’ Kickers leagues instead.



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