Friday, September 29, 2023
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FanDuel Promo Offers Complimentary $100 Bet To First-Time Gambling Hotline Callers

NEW YORK—As sports bettors eagerly awaited the NFL season to kick off Thursday, a new FanDuel promotion reportedly offers a complimentary $100 bet to first-time gambling hotline callers. “This weekend only, we’re encouraging NFL fans to use FanDuel by depositing $100 into the account of anyone who is calling a hotline for a gambling addiction for the first time,” said FanDuel CEO Amy Howe, explaining that FanDuel had partnered with several national and local gambling hotlines to allow anyone making their first call to press 8 to receive instructions on submitting their account for the complimentary $100 bet. “You can use your $100 bet on any of this weekend’s NFL games, whether it’s the outcome or on a prop bet for a specific player. This is FanDuel’s way of giving back to our loyal customers by letting them start off the new season by doubling down on their gambling addiction.” FanDuel also announced it would offer a complimentary $50 bet to anyone who got a friend staging an intervention for their gambling addiction to sign up for FanDuel.



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