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Tom Brady Fails To Connect With Children In First Half Of Custody Weekend

MIAMI—As the former quarterback hung his head on the way to the shower, Tom Brady confirmed to reporters Saturday evening that he had failed to connect with his children in the first half of his custody weekend. “I was out of sync with my kids from the moment they got dropped off this morning, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t develop a rhythm,” said Brady, who reportedly endured one of the worst Saturdays of his tenure as a single parent, repeatedly irritating his children with every question he asked and even offering his son the kind of soda he doesn’t like anymore. “I’ll be honest, it was tough out there. First, I splashed my daughter too much in the pool and she got annoyed with me, it was a risky maneuver and I couldn’t pull it off. Then I said we could play video games, but the one my son wanted to play is at his mom’s house, so that was kind of a dud. I’m hoping to stage a comeback in the second half of the weekend, but I’m pretty far behind with my kids right now, so I’ve really got to rest up and get my head right.” Brady added that he blamed himself for not planning better and credited his opponent, ex-wife Gisele Bündchen, for successfully turning his children against him.



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