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Existential Horror At Wealthy Elite Selling Off Humanity’s Future Successfully Sublimated Into Yelling At Cashier

FISHERS, IN—An encouraging scene reportedly unfolded at a local Kroger supermarket Monday morning when a local woman’s existential horror at the wealthy elite selling off humanity’s future was successfully sublimated into yelling at a cashier. Sources confirmed that Teresa Baker showed an astounding capacity for diverting the mounting psychological torment of her inability to realistically better her life in any material way due to forces well beyond her control into a six-minute tirade at a young cashier for the store being out of the kind of milk she wanted for the second consecutive week. While the mother of two was reportedly aware on some level that she was taking out her frustrations with an increasingly opaque and authoritarian system on a person who had absolutely no power to change it, she was able to triumph over these pangs of conscience by gathering her subconscious anger at the dissolution of social institutions by venal financial elites and displacing it onto a person she could actually confront without fear of retribution. Similarly successful were several bystanders in the checkout line, who sources confirmed were able to channel their own existential dread at the prospect of doing anything that might put at risk their ever-more precarious hold on what few creature comforts they did possess into making no effort to intervene. At press time, the deep-seated angst over living under a system that wants to make all human relationships transactional was successfully sublimated into apologizing to the screaming customer for the milk.

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