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FBI Sent Itemized Bill For 12-Hour Stay At Mar-A-Lago

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA—Faxing the government agency a detailed invoice days after a raid at the property, a Mar-A-Lago front desk employee reportedly sent the FBI an itemized bill Friday for their 12-hour stay at the resort. “Thank you for visiting Mar-A-Lago, please find an itemized invoice of your expenses attached,” said guest services agent Marie Burns, following up with a courtesy call to the FBI to confirm receipt of the more than $4,500 outstanding bill, which she reminded them must be paid within 72 hours or become subject to a 25% penalty fee every day it went unpaid. “As you can see, failing to vacate the room you were occupying before our standard 11 a.m. checkout time resulted in a second full-night charge of $2,000, as our records indicate you remained on the premises until 8 p.m., with several members of your party milling about the golf course and club on their breaks without purchasing a visitor’s pass—valued at $350 for the day or a yearly membership of $14,000. Plus, you’ll notice a resort fee of $50 per extra person in the room beyond two adults, and our daily parking rate for the 20 armored vehicles you left with our valets. And we did have to double the cleaning fee, seeing as you all left quite the mess of boxes and papers behind. If you’d like to dispute any of these charges, you’ll have to take them up with your personal financial institution, which in your case would be Congress.” Burns went on to explain that since she didn’t know how to charge the agency for the documents they removed from the property, that would show up on the bill as “stolen towels.”

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