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Jets Impressed By How Quickly Aaron Rodgers Complaining About Roster

NEW YORK—Complimenting the quarterback for the speed with which he’d acclimated to their team, members of the New York Jets coaching staff told reporters Wednesday they were impressed by how quickly Aaron Rodgers was complaining about the roster. “It’s amazing to watch how Aaron’s mind works, how rapidly he found at least one thing about every single guy on this team that he absolutely loathes,” said Jets head coach Robert Saleh, adding that Rodgers had been proactive about meeting with wide receivers Garrett Wilson, Allen Lazard, and Mecole Hardman individually to offer them personalized criticism about their play. “Aaron has already come to us with detailed gripes about nearly everyone, from the veterans to the rookies, and even the guys he asked us to sign. He’s already giving the offensive line the silent treatment, and he showed up to the defense’s practice to complain about those guys too. To have a veteran QB show from day one how seriously he takes grumbling about his teammates, it’s really inspiring our younger guys to bitch and moan as well. After all the controversy surrounding him coming here, we’re all just glad to see that Aaron is exactly the kind of locker-room cancer we hoped he’d be.” Jets general manager Joe Douglas told reporters that he was also impressed with how quickly Rodgers had demanded that the team’s entire coaching staff be fired.

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