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Laura Dern And T. Rex Reexamine 68-Million-Year Age Gap In Original ‘Jurassic Park’

LOS ANGELES—Reflecting on the relationship portrayed in the iconic 1993 blockbuster, Laura Dern and her co-starring T. rex spoke to reporters Friday and reconsidered their 68 million year age gap in the original Jurassic Park film. “It just seems a bit inappropriate that someone who grew up in the late Cretaceous period was partnered with a 23-year-old,” said Dern, noting that there were clear power dynamics at play, as the Tyrannosaurus rex was a deadly apex predator and outweighed her by more than 15,000 pounds. “Back then, it seemed fine, because a gap of that many years between a leading lady and a carnivorous theropod was pretty much the norm in Hollywood. But when you think about it, how are these characters from completely different eras of geologic time supposed to relate to each other? And why is it always the gigantic reptilian beast and never the human woman who is tens of millions of years older?” While agreeing with Dern, the T. Rex told reporters that Jurassic Park was in many ways progressive by ’90s standards, particularly in its use of an all-female dinosaur cast.

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