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Man Wouldn’t Usually Read Into Preseason Game But This One Is Different

NOBLESVILLE, IN—Following his team’s 27-13 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, local Indianapolis Colts fan Ian McDonaugh told reporters that he wouldn’t usually read into a preseason game but this one is different. “Yeah, yeah, I know it’s preseason, but Anthony Richardson is going to be a star from day one,” said the visibly giddy McDonaugh of the Colts’ rookie quarterback, adding that he knew from decades of watching the Colts that success in a preseason game should be taken with a grain of salt, but in this case Richardson was facing solid Eagles backups and still managed to look like the best player on the field. “It’s not just him, but the whole team. The defense looked amazing, even if some of those guys won’t make the regular-season roster. It just goes to show that we’re really underrated coming into the season. I mean, look at Gardner Minshew, 9 for 11 and a TD, he’s looking good, too. We might have two of the top 10 quarterbacks in the league on the same roster. This team goes deep and they’re ready to compete this year, sometimes you can tell just from a preseason game, and this is definitely one of those times. Honestly, you have to be thinking Super Bowl now.” At press time, McDonaugh was eagerly refreshing’s NFL power rankings, telling reporters that he expected the Colts’ strong preseason game showing to elevate them from 29th to “eighth or ninth at worst.”

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