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Meryl Streep Dropped By Agent After Failing To Develop Massive TikTok Following

LOS ANGELES—After struggling to keep up with the changing times, actress Meryl Streep was reportedly dropped by her agent this week over her failure to cultivate a massive TikTok following. “We’ve had a great time working with Meryl over the years, but unfortunately, her TikTok numbers just aren’t where they’d need to be for us to continue our relationship,” said CAA representative Amanda Tuchman, who observed that the three-time Academy Award winner’s highest-performing TikTok of her reacting to herself in Mamma Mia had barely managed to reach 800 views. “All Meryl’s in-character bits as Margaret Thatcher or Julia Child were never going to land with Gen Zers who weren’t even born when those people were relevant. The few followers she had were mostly people on her team. We warned her that her ‘POV You’re in August: Osage County’ TikToks were coming across as cringe and that she needed to build a relatable and authentic personal brand instead of doing all these niche impressions of different characters, but in the end, she just couldn’t figure out the platform. Not everyone’s cut out to be a content creator, and sadly, Meryl’s inability to translate her decades of critical acclaim into TikTok virality meant we had to let her go.” At press time, the talent agent was scrambling to re-sign Streep after she became an instant sensation on BeReal.

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