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Nursing Home CEO Afraid He’ll End Up In One Of Those Places He Owns

KENNETT SQUARE, PA—Confessing concerns about what would happen if one day, in his old age, he became unable to care for himself, nursing home CEO Robert Gallegro told reporters Tuesday he was afraid to end up in one of those places he owns. “I hope my kids never put me into a degrading, isolating facility like the ones I run when I’m older,” said Gallegro, adding that being neglected and abused in the conditions he created was not how he wanted to spend the last years of his life. “I’ve overseen the terrible way they treat people in my nursing homes, and it’s just horrific. For Christ’s sake, I could be sitting in my own filth for days because of how understaffed I keep those places to make a profit.” At press time, Gallegro was reportedly making plans to open a few more nursing homes to ensure he had enough money not to end up in one of them.

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