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Pentagon Releases Images That Appear To Show Random Chinese Guy

WASHINGTON—Claiming the seemingly unconnected private citizen was evidence of something probably, the Pentagon released images Tuesday that appeared to show a random Chinese guy. “Though we do not know his name or anything about him, we in the U.S. military find these newly declassified satellite photographs of a random Chinese national incredibly concerning,” said Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, highlighting several disturbing pictures that appeared to depict the Chinese man going about a regular day of shopping and socializing with friends. “It is not yet known what he is capable of given that we have zero information about who he is, but we have it on good authority that he has ties to China dating back at least 40 years to when he was born. This is the biggest national security threat we’ve encountered outside of the leaked images of three arbitrary Iranian women that were recently uncovered.” At press time, Chinese military officials had responded by releasing their own image of a random American.

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