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Senator Kelly Loeffler Asks For Prayers After Losing $3 On Single Stock Due To Coronavirus

WASHINGTON—Begging her constituents to keep her family in their thoughts in the coming days, Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) asked for Americans to send her prayers in an emotional press conference Tuesday in which she announced that she had lost as much as $3 on a single stock due to the coronavirus. “I am asking for all of your support in helping me through this difficult time, a time of incalculable financial loss that I hope none of you have to experience,” said the junior Georgia senator, often straining to hold back tears as she told reporters that she and her husband would be spending the coming weeks speaking with financial advisors about how to make sense of this unimaginable fiscal hardship. “You tell yourself something like this can never happen to you, you pretend you’re immune to the terrible effects of this pandemic, but then you check in with your investment advisor and the news is almost too much to bear. Three dollars. Gone forever. When Jeffery and I found out, we cried for hours. I’ll never forget the memory of my beloved stock’s market value. May God protect the rest of our portfolios during this challenging time.” At press time, Loeffler had started a GoFundMe to recoup the loss and raised over $90,000 in the first few minutes.

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