Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Tesla Cybertruck Torn To Pieces By Hose

HOLLISTER, CA—Its stainless steel panels immediately crumpling from the pressure of the stream of water, a Tesla Cybertruck was reportedly torn to pieces Friday after getting sprayed by a hose. As seen in the now-viral video shared across social media platforms, the 7,000-pound electric vehicle splintered into dozens of pieces under the onslaught of the $39.99 hose purchased from Lowe’s, each bead of water from the gardening implement puncturing holes in the truck’s body until the entire vehicle shuddered and collapsed into a pile of broken glass and shrapnel. In a statement, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk defended the build quality of the Cybertruck, blaming the damage on the hose being set to “jet” at the time of the incident. At press time, sources confirmed that the remaining, dripping-wet pieces of the vehicle pieces had burst into flames.

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