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Woman Gives Friend A Call On Way Home To Take Mind Off Dangerous Road Conditions

DICKINSON, ND—Needing a release from the current drama going on around her, local woman Amber Westmoore told reporters Tuesday that she was going to give her friend a call on the way home to take her mind off the dangerous road conditions. “The low visibility is really stressing me out, and Meredith can always calm me down,” said Westmoore, adding that it was nice to have a friendly voice on the line to distract her from the slick and perilous stretch of highway. “It’s really scary driving in these hazardous conditions when the smallest mistake in steering could send my car into a ditch, so chatting with my friend is completely making me forget about risk. I should switch to FaceTime to get the extra comfort of seeing her warm smile rather than swirling wind and snow.” At press time, Westmoore told reporters she was glad her friend was there to distract her so she didn’t have to watch as her car hit a pedestrian.

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