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Adidas Attempts To Make Amends With Jewish Community By Signing Woody Allen

HERZOGENAURACH, GERMANYScrambling to address past wrongs in the wake of Kanye West’s recent antisemitic remarks, sportswear manufacturer Adidas announced Thursday that they hoped to make amends with the Jewish community by signing renowned director Woody Allen. “Woody has always been at the forefront of chronicling the Jewish-American experience, from his enduring turn in Annie Hall to the more mature work seen in Manhattan and Stardust Memories, which is why we could not be happier to welcome him as our newest Adidas brand ambassador,” said spokesperson Steven Marchese of the Adidas x Woody streetwear line of sneakers and tracksuits, which would be patterned with iconic stills of the 86-year-old director and writer spanning his career from early hits like Take The Money And Run to modern classics such as Blue Jasmine and Midnight In Paris. “Along with his creative partner Soon-Yi, Woody’s already pitched us some fantastic ideas for couple’s clothing. It’s really innovative thinking that shows why he’s always been at the top of his game. He’s apparently been a fan of the brand for years, too, so this is a very natural fit.” Adidas added that they had begun rolling out several commercial spots featuring Allen wearing a puffy Adidas jacket around New York City with the tagline “no room for hate.”

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