Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Apologetic DeSean Jackson Pledges To Learn More By Going To Hitler Museum

PHILADELPHIA—Responding to the backlash after posting a quote misattributed to the Nazi leader on his Instagram page, an apologetic DeSean Jackson pledged to deepen his understanding of anti-semitism by visiting the Hitler Museum. “I know I screwed up and I promise to do the work of educating myself on the historical persecution of Adolf Hitler,” said Jackson, clarifying that he spoke against the German chancellor without fully understanding the historical context surrounding his rise to power and attacked anti-semitism without knowing the real nuance of Nazi Germany’s policies. “I know I said he was a bad guy, but it turns out we actually share some ideas. I spoke from a place of ignorance at a time when people of all beliefs about Jews should all be rallying together. I would like to apologize to Hilter and his family estate for my false attribution.” At press time, Jackson announced he would be honoring the truth about the Jewish people this season with his new goose-stepping touchdown celebration.

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